Scimitar Oryx Special - SALE $1,500 Exceptional sale price due to a potential new law that may be passed which would prevent the hunting of these beautiful species. Get yours now before it is too late. Regular price $2,500-$3,500

Trophy Blackbuck Special - $1,300

Trophy Axis Special - $1,500

Whitetail Specials:

Cull Buck - $1,200

Trophy Management - $1,500 (120 -140 B&C)

Trophy Hunt - $3,500 (140+ B&C)

Hill Country Adventures offers Trophy Whitetail deer hunts in South and North Texas and the Texas Hill Country and year round Texas exotic hunting for Axis, Aoudad, Blackbuck, Fallow, Mouflon, Corsican, Texas Dall and Black Hawaiian sheep and over 40 other species. Trophy Pronghorn Antelope hunts in New Mexico . We also offer spring turkey hunts.


WHITETAIL DEER - South Texas, Hill Country, Panhandle, ...
Blackbuck, Axis, Fallow, ...
Corsican, Dall, Aoudad, Mouflon
Texas, New Mexico
48.5 acres - SOLD HUNTING PROPERTY FOR SALE - 79 acres - D'Hanis, TX



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